I am very proud to be sponsored by:


Unicorn Darts



and L Style



If you would like to sponsor me, whether it is for an particular event or something more long term, then please contact me


Year Tournament

2002 Open Brabant Champion

2002 Open Den Haag 3rd

2002 Open Stedendriehoek 2nd

2003 Open Brabant 2nd

2004 Chris de Roo Champion

2004 Chris de Roo couples 2nd

2004 Open Belgium couples 2nd

2004 Open Germany 3rd

2004 Open Oost Nederlands couples 2nd

2004 Open Starlight Champion

2005 Open Starlight Champion

2006 Dutch Open couples 2nd

2006 Open Belgium Singles Champion

2006 Open Belgium Couples Champion

2006 International Debut

2006 Lakeside Playoffs Debut year

2006 Winmau Masters Debut year

2006 Open Roermond Champion


2007 Dutch Open Singles 3rd

2007 Open Dortmund 3rd

2007 Open Finland Champion

2007 Open Finland Couples Champion

2007 German Open singles 3rd

2007 German Open couples Champion

2007 Dutch Pentathlon Best Lady

2007 British Pentathlon 4th, RBD Champion

2007 Swiss Open, 2nd

2007 WDF World Cup Ladies Pairs Champion

2007 WDF World Cup, Russian ladies team 2nd overall

2008 German Gold Cup Champion

2008 Open Netherlands Couples Champion

2008 Open Dortmund singles Champion

2008 Dutch Pentathlon ladies Champion

2008 Open Zercom Champion

2008 Isle of Man, ladies pairs Champion

2008 Open England singles runner up

2008 Open Germany ladies Pairs Champion

2008 Open Holland singles Champion

2008 Swiss Open singles runner up

2008 Danish Open runner up

2008 French Open singles Champion

2008 Primus Masters singles champion

2008 Czech Open runner up

2008 Open Flanders Champion

2008 N. Ireland last 4

2008 WDF number 2

2008 WDF/and or BDO ranked tournaments played in 8 finals, winning 4 of them

2009 German Gold Cup Champion

2009 Scottish Open singles semi finals

2009 Scottish Open pairs with Francis Hoenselaar, champions

2009 Isle of Man Open semi finals

2009 Isle of Man Open mixed pairs champions

2009 Wales Open, semi finals

2009 Antwerp Open, runner up

2009 Swiss Open, runner up

2009 BDO international Open , runner up

2009 BDO Int Open mixed pairs, runner up

2009 England Open singles Champion

2009 England Open ladies pairs, runner up with Julie Gore

2009 Open Hemeco, champion

2009 Open Lunteren, Champion

2009 Open Rosmalen, Champion

2009 Open Vlaanderen Champion

2009 Tops of Holland, semi finals

2009 Czech Open Champion

2009 Zuiderduin Masters debut, semi finalist

2010 Lakeside debut

2010 German Open, runner up

2010 Open North Holland, Champion

2010 Mariflex Open, runner up

2010 Antwerp Open, semi finalist

2010 Swiss Open, champion

2010 Belgium Open, semi finalist

2010 Sweden Open, runner up

2010 Welsh Masters, semi finalist

2010 British Open, semi finals

2011 Czech open 2nd

2011 Sweden Champion
2011 French open Champion
2011 Luxembourg 2nd
2011 Centreparcs pairs 2nd singles 2nd
2011 Top of Ghent 2nd
2011 GCO mixed 3rd, ladies pairs Champion, singles 2nd
2011 German Masters Champion
2011 German Open Ladies pairs ( with Lorraine Farlam ): Runners Up
2011 Hungarian Open Ladies singles: Champion
2011 Hungarian Open Ladies pairs ( with Liza Pugina ): Champions
2011 Swiss Open Ladies singles: Champion
2011 Swiss Open Ladies pairs ( with Karina Känzig ): Champions
2011 Denmark Champion
2011 DDV ranking, Marl champion
2011 Scottish Open 2nd
2011 Dutch Open semis singles, pairs runner up
2011 Lakeside 3rd
2012 German gold cup 2nd
2012 Scottish open 3rd
2012 DDV ranking Karlsruhe Champion
2012 Mariflex 2nd
2012 Denmark Champion
2012 German Masters Champ
2012 English Open 3rd
2012 GCO 2nd
2012 Antwerp 3rd
2012 French Open Champion
2012 Top of Ghent Champion
2012 Estonia Open Champion
2013 Lakeside World Professional quarter finals
2013 Luxembourg Open Champion
2013 Latvia Open Champion
2013 Swiss Open Champion
2013 Estonian Open Champion
2013 Lithuanian Open Champion
2013 WDF World cup Singles runner up
2013 Police Masters Poland runner up
2013 Antwerp Open semi finals
2013 Winmau World Masters quarter finals
2013 Granite City Open quarter finals
2013 Ladies darts Festival semi finals
2014 Lakeside World Professional quarter finals ( 1st year with 16 ladies )
2014 BDO World darts Trophy semi final
2014 Scottish Open semi final
2014 German Gold Cup runner up
2014 Riga Open Champion
2014 Riga Masters Champion
2014 German Open semi finals
2014 German Masters runner Up


  More to update

February 1st. News

I am very proud and honoured to be sponsored once again by Unicorn Darts. I hope this second sponsorship proves to be as successful as the first.