thankyou for your interest. I will try to be as informative as can here without being too boring.

Birth Place

Vologda, Russia


Marital Status

Married ( to John )


Two, Christian born 2000 and Ksenia born 2005


We normally live Germany but I also have a home in Vologda


Of course the children, darts, and films.

I also enjoy making jewellery, this started as a hobby but it is now running as a small business. You can find out more HERE


My native language is Russian, but I speak German fluently, English when I have to, and can get by in Polish, and Dutch. It´s a little complicated in our household. John, the children and I speak german together, I speak Russian to the dog, Christian and Ksenia speak German together but English with John.

Darts Career

I started playing darts when I was expecting Christian ( 2000 ). I went to my first tournament ( to see just how good I was ) about 2 years after that, it was Open Antwerp. We almost didn´t go because we saw the draw on internet and I had to play none other than the title holder Karin Krappen in my first game. Not sure whether Karin remembers this, but she didn´t make the second round.

Darting ambitions

To become world champ of course


When I started to play, I seemed to be changing my darts every week. It probably wasn't that often, just seemed like it. Eventually I settled on Unicorn Paul Lims, 23grm. Unfortunately they were discontinued, but due to the kindness of Unicorns' Alex Ross, I received a complimentary set of the replacement model to Paul Lims, and of course now, thanks to Unicorn and their sponsorship I now play with my own darts